Thursday, November 13, 2008

extra mile

sounds terrific. well, hope you don't get offended on seeing the title above, its just a suggestion, bare with me just in case.

i just thought it good any way to attract notice to my subscribers if any. sex money and drugs as it goes with no alternation, is one of the problem facing us all. three in one i will not concentrate much on this, but will be giving you a bit where necessary.

with no cure in the near future, some say money rules the world, to another, it makes the world go round...ha ha, true or false? those a just words making it hard for the lay man in the ghettos to understand the system of money.

from way back, money is legal tender, as it comes and goes,i doubt if any one would want to hear that.well, those are not mine, what i know its usually a discipline, which discipline, only contributes 5% of the average Ugandan. you can imagine, with just a few million bucks in the wallet, every one will be like... how chanced and lacky he is, not knowing the heart aches and head aches that come with it.

sometimes i think we are to blame of our present situations. whereas every one has the opportunity to make a choice, some prefer the fish to being taught how to fish.whereas every one is migrating to the city thinking its where money is, we are missing out on how things work. "the skill of the network". yet there is 'GOLD' every where as some one put it.

back to the other sex and drugs. what about that? its more less illegal in my country yet used extensively,drugs of course. where to find these substances, is no where other than in the ghettos, its a source of income and contributes the biggest percentage of welfare to almost all families, directly or indirectly. any patient suffering from HIV in the ghettos would rather for MARY J as compared to A RVs, this has n
made it the most consumed product in the ghettos followed by sex, all in the name of making money. it sounds more of a rural approach to urban lifestyles.

sex for money, done in broad day light, is another source of income. what makes it prosper is the negative attitude others out side these places have developed, most people think ghettos are places meant for those that have no future and no reason of purpose for existence, sex and drugs, money in between as the goal, rule of the game, whatever it takes to achieve that goal, you can loose life any time as you see your neighbors , loosing it every the other day in the maze.

just a back ground, ghettos in Uganda are places meant to be reserves for water lodging.

Uganda whose capital city is built on seven hills, whose was plan has hindered to an extent that 80% of the buildings are not on the city council plan, is no where where to be revived. its initial plan was that, when it rains, water would flow into the swamps that are naturally located in different suburbs of the city just below the seven hills.

however, in the name of development, under the influence of money, whoever thinks is rich enough to corrupt some one consistently tampers with the initial plan of the city. very the other day you hear of land wrangles, evictions, and so many disputes, i wonder whether this is what our government calls building wealth, inflating one city, leaving other towns dormant, actually if you go round other towns , you will find that they are still intact with the original plan, but with less people compared to the capital city. a city that was planned for six million people, now holds over fifteen million, which is half the population of Uganda.

due to increased rural to urban migration, what where water reserves, are now the present present ghettos, with poor drainage systems, our roads are yet to be man made rivers, but thank God water will always follow through the channels it has ever followed.this means it will forcefully flow towards the occupied areas.

whatever happens there God forbid, with doors less than two feet, when getting inside, bending is the norm regardless of how short one may be, through the entrance, you have all the freedom to straighten up, due to a three feet depression under.

you don't want to hear about this, the drama begins with a good down, the longer it takes, the harder is the havoc to comprehend, with no slumbering, rain water flows momentarily into all the houses as long as you belong there, unless you have a decker bed or a bed in the roof which may sometimes never save you sleep, you would want to stay even any other minute, only that not every one will chose to leave because now they kind of believe they are next to their goal.

more drama comes with water and toilets, this is a sad story now. you will realize that swamp soil is never good for contraction, and its where the ghettos are located, in fact its hard to dig four feet deep or more as it is always when it comes to construct latrines, what happens. simple equation, "high roof". its built off the ground going up wards to avoid going to deep, ten feet high with a good base as the septic, however its best used during the dry season, with another alternative in the rain season, "flying toilets", congested with small houses, and few anemities, polythene bags work, but not desposed any howly. after use, one waits the package under their beds as it get dark, out one throws the package on the roof across, t doesn't matter how many fly on which roof, as long as it will rain, every thing will be washed away.

with no tap water, rain water has served best as an alternative, however, with what you are reading i think you know if i don't go too mach into details, but at least you can how dieseaes like cholera spread now.

i was reading in the local news paper, the first page i bumped into had on it this guy who calls himself "his president of uganja" ha ha. this is a re known artist who has won himself a number of musical awards through such content of character. surely there is something worth of praise about this guy. he is one person who doesn't think negative about himself, and he has made it in life, i admire him for that, though the content of his character does not suit public consumption. well, may be that is the dot com generation. whereas some are making it big in the ghettos, some are being convicted for the same and that is the way life goes on.

I've done a critical analysis, and i realized that sex money and drugs move together, whereas some do drugs as income generating projects, others do it for survival, other do it for fun, one thing in common i know at least, there is usually a medium of exchange, parties involved walk away with utter satisfaction. where sex is and drugs, money sets the pace and you can never convince people in the ghettos(slums areas) that life can be with out these three things. sex and drugs, money as the goal is what makes life in the ghettos go on, the consequences are brutal. to go there you aught to be the last man and fit enough as life dictates, otherwise,if you walk in my shoes you may hurt your feet.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


"ghetto", this thing ghetto, never stops reciting in my mind..., ghettos, i keep on thinking about the revival that will set these places free, i imagine no one ever wonders why such a word would recite in any ones mind.

am not sure if you know what am talking about, if you don't know any way, you are yet to know.

actually this will save us from going into details of explaining the word and its meaning,but concentrate on what happens in there.

ghettos in Uganda, unlike in the developed world, are fascinating, even though its more of a blessing in disguise, how a man can rise up into a noble character, become a father, and most of all a leader, with the big things and big dreams laying in the lives in the ghettos, its more than what one can comprehend.

though not so many imagine good things from the Muddy houses in the slums areas of a developing country everything is possible with focus handwork and planing.

for sure unless you stop by, look and look again, life in the ghetto is next to nothing, i have seen people rise up and become nobles on scratch, how that happens, no doubt, its none other than God. its where people live to see there dreams even when they can't visualize what they can't see, with out long term plans, because the poverty line is ten times below than what can be documented, with no budgets for basic needs but survival for the fittest.

infested with all kinds of natural disasters, ghettos are never sparsely populated even when the huge numbers don't attract notice to the government, yet, if to some extent there is some thing worth of notice, that will be an out break of chore la, a crack down of drug peddlers, or something of a sort.

sad how i thought my country was breaking away from the main stream problems facing Africa, such that have been on record from way back, that is, ignorance, diseases, and poverty, unfortunately, the channels are more of a sophisticated chapter, if not another episode.

don't know if any one out there can bare me witness, we all live in the same time frame, and share so many things in common though life remains a game of chess in the ghettos.

as the numbers in the ghettos rise, the death toll rises too, in fact this solidifies the thought that life in the ghettos is survival for the fittest. while thousands swam to these areas in such for green pastures, the reception is so tremendous with cheap housing,but with high traffic with the fastest speed at which diseases flow.

with a poor rural approach to urban lifestyles, ghettos seem to be organized in a way that we never get bothered living there even when we realize we might be infested, diseases from STD s to natural diseases, dupe wars to prostitution.

unfortunately, this dimension is taking with it the youth, premature deaths sweeping lives yet every year sees new breeds come to the city, the economy is seriously dictating the trails, every one in the ghetto is griped to what i term as the new episode...,

sex, money and drugs.

Friday, October 24, 2008

issues at hand

"The golden opportunity you are seeking is in yourself. It is not in your environment; it is not in luck or chance, or the help of others; it is in yourself alone." this were the words i received in my email the other day by a friend, who by chance keeps me reminded of what the future holds for me.

derived from his quotes, am always driven by a positive mental attitude. however, the carnal mind, wandering back and forth, the pages of my life in Africa as a predestination for my being, and God's reason of purpose for my existence here, fails me to visualize what my eyes can't see.

the problems of Africa...ignorance, diseases, poverty, have always been, and which ever way one may chose to arrange them alphabetically, it still remains the same, the same old story that has been addressed through out all my schooling days.

with a poor education system that never changes, i actually realize one of the causes we are getting poorer is that we're ignorant. can you imagine, with all the self claimed scholars in this place we can't even think of the simplest measures to fight starvation, and yet Uganda's back born is agriculture... i know why ignorance is no plea.

my mama, used to tell me "think positive work hard" or else, you end up as a beggar.what strike me most is how often she discussed issues at hand, in a home as a single mother,with me at the age of eleven, i didn't know what she was preparing for an encounter, some of the things she talked about was poverty...and if i heard once, twice do i look and look gain whenever things are out of control.

i disagree if you call me poor, the positive mental attitude that am not poor but only broke,is what motivates, however, am not all that consistent, i mean, forces of nature at times get me flat footed, drifting me on the wall,but through the hustle and the issue at hand ever sickening,i encourage myself in the Lord.

no wonder people die more and more from negative attitudes, thinking positive is okay, but for heaven's sake, what can an illiterate poor man, paying for his sins think about nature and his surroundings, as the dishonest prosper, the honest continually suffer at the expense of the other, sounds like a blame game "oppressor and the oppressed", yet the rules are the same.

i realize some thing is not right, I've done all things one can do, read about the possible measures to change my situation, and if so, help others live a better life, but its even more frustrating.

survival for the fittest is the norm of society, you don't play dirty, your considered to be too good to be bad, not smart enough to follow with the skills of the net work... nothing good left,ha..can you imagine? apart from evil which is considered good in the name of corruption...wh the rich are getting richer, the population of slums areas is at an increase.

God forbid. if you don't know the cause of the issues at hand, your yet to know.

ignorance, diseases and poverty makes death go round in here...the GHETTOS.

who is to blame, uncertainty engulfs ones clear mind on what to do next.

starvation, increase of HIV, you can't imagine how these things work together even when the local news papers say contrary to the truth.

surely, organized confusions are taking us unawares. whereas people do whatever they can to survive, we are faced with hell every the other day, and...when poverty ever knocks on your door, just run for your life.

sometimes i think poverty is human, sounds like he has been here for a while, people have come and go, and yet its the same old poverty, the guy is still here and seems to the last man standing.
is he a HE or IT?

any ways, the break down point of the whole issue of poverty is scary.

and you don't want to miss out on the next issue. watch out...